Logo contest

We are looking for a great logo (and icon/favicon) and that's why we are running a contest.





You should avoid pink and cyan unless you can make them fit very nicely in the logo. You can use the colors of the website but it's not mandatory. I've seen very nice logos with different colors.

It must fit a white/transparent background (this website). If the logo can be adapted for a black background (t-shirt), you get a T-Shirt (with the logo) as a bonus.

Time limit

August 26, 2012.


It should be simple, professional and could be in the same range of ideas as Aircrack-ng.

Wikipedia has a very good entry about logos, it really worth reading.

Here are more pointers for your inspiration:

How to participate?

Simply email me your design in JPG/PNG/GIF or ICO format.

Final words

Contact us if you have any question about this contest.

Think original.